La Source - Specialist in non-alcoholic beverages

Since 2003, La Source has been an importer of high-quality non-alcoholic wines and beverages in the Netherlands. The basis is the passion and knowledge of wine, with which we are constantly looking for the best non-alcoholic wines and drinks of the moment. There are many developments in the field of de-alcoholization processes and the reaction of the wine to this process. As a result, the taste and quality is already much better than a few years ago and will only get more flavorful in the future.

In 2003, La Source was the first to introduce alcohol-free wines in the Netherlands. A true pioneer in the field of alcohol-free. Wiljan Dorrepaal, at that time worked as a sommelier with La Source. In 2011 he took over the company. With his experience in gastronomy and working as a sommelier in combination with his passion for alcohol-free, the right man at the helm. La Source Nederland has been part of Delta Wines since January 2019. Wiljan Dorrepaal himself joined Delta Wines as an account manager and specialist in non-alcoholic beverages. More information via

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