.Proud 30 years of steady growth.

Our founders Pim Nolen and Teun Los took over Dranken Groep Smits (DGS) in 1985 and decided from that moment on to focus on the selection, distribution and sales of wine. To underline their specialty and knowledge of the product wine, they quickly changed the name of the business to DGS Wijnkopers (DGS ‘Winebuyers’). Now DGS WIJN.

Now, more than 30 years later the business has steadily grown to be the leading company in the Dutch market on distribution of wine. From wine regions all over the world to retail offtrade, traditional trade and wholesale customers. Operating under the umbrella brand Delta Wines the company has multiple subsidiaries, proud members: DGS WIJN, Pallas Wines, Coenecoop Wine Traders, La Source (no- and low alcohol), Global Wine Operations, AN.KA (Poland) and ADVEAL (Czech Republic). Delta Wines is fully independent; opportunity to participate is given to current shareholders and management, but also to other employees.

We are proud of our steady growth and our position in the market. Knowing the stepping stones of roads taken behind us and roads to come ahead: investing in long-term sustainable partnerships with our wine producers, employees and customers and making sure to benefit from our strategy and opportunities to maintain a steady growth in the future.