We love wine, we live wine!

We are inspired by wine consumers and are driven to realise the best wine experience in the trade. Efficient and effective, together with our business partners and wine producers. Responsibly, with the best supply chain performance, the most innovative category management with the right wines, healthy margins throughout the whole supply chain, extensive knowledge of the market and the best service. That’s why we are leading the market and will remain so. We love wine, we live wine! 

80% of the shares are owned by the current Delta Wines management, the other 20% by the company’s founders Pim Nolen and Teun Los. In 2002 the first employees started participating as shareholders, in 2015 the number of participating employees grew to 16 in total. This makes Delta Wines the first Dutch ‘wine-cooperation’, ensuring that the future of the company’s development is in the hands of those who make the difference.

“After 25 years in the wine business, it has become quite clear to me that investing in wine needs a long-term perspective. Delivering quality takes time and that is why sustainable partnerships with winegrowers/producers, with our employees and with our customers are crucial. That has been the basis of our work from the start and that’s how we choose to keep on working.”

Joris Snelten, CEO Delta Wines