Delta Wines - Norway

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Who are we

Delta Wines Norway is a partnership between Delta Wines International, Kristin T. Fredriksen and Stefan H. Norberg. A hungry management with decades of experience, long and strong relationships in the market.

Delta Wines Norway is a reliable, transparent and above all long-term partner. We promise to keep a strong focus for each partner and customer, who have been carefully chosen to be part of the journey.

We work as a family and run the company together according to our values and create enthusiasm and dedication. Our goal is to create a community where people love to work, regardless of their role.

How we work

We are offering great value for money in all chosen price segments and we are operating in all relevant distribution channels. We focus on quality in all we do, an we are passionate about developing our mutual business in order to share profitable growth with our hand-picked Partners. With a strong culture we trust everyone to do the right thing – all the time. We do not have unecessary processes – we make decisions.
We personally enjoy the wines we represent and above all, we are fun to work with!

Our Mission

We are inspired by wine consumer and are driven to realise the best wine experience in the trade. We will build the strongest culture in the trade, utilizing decades of experience and unprecedented energy.


Stefan Norberg