DGS WIJN - The taste of the Netherlands

Winetrade is our profession. We are inspired by wine consumers and are driven to realise the best wine experience in the trade. Efficient and effective with the best value for money. With wines from carefully selected wine producers. Responsible and fast. By developing brands and concepts, combined with the right category management, our clients can be successful in their own market. Healthy margins throughout the whole supply chain, extensive market knowledge and the best service. That’s why we are market leaders and will remain so.

DGS WIJN was founded in 1985 by Pim Nolen and Teun Los. They acknowledge in an early stage that drinking wine is becoming more popular and that the need for more diversity and knowledge will grow. The right time to specialize in this market segment. A perfect choice, because DGS WIJN makes a very successful start and soon nestles among the large traditional importers. After 30 years of steady growth, DGS WIJN has become market leader with annual sales of over 29 million bottles. More information about DGS WIJN can be found on www.dgswijn.nl.

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