Meet our people - We live wine!

'Delta Wines has shown a steady growth throughout the last decades, both in good and poor economic situations. Following a clear strategy for our stakeholders, Delta Wines’ sales has grown to 233 million euros in 2021. Continuously being aware of market conditions, lifestyle developments and consumer needs, we focus on long term sustainable business with our partners. The most important factor that creates our success is our people, a winning team of which we are very proud!.' Ralph Zopfi, Managing Director

'A steady growth in a continuously changing market challenges you to stay “lean and mean” yet offer the best service. That is what we do. A challenge for which you need and have to have a great team that stands for delivering quality. Not just in product but also by working the best Supply Chain, operational excellence and adding that personal “touch”. We work with both our own facilities and a network of partners to provide our customers with the best service and logistic products. We aspire: utilizing large scale to excel in detail. Made possible through our strong and empowering partnerships with our partners in wine; producers, customers and most importantly our team.' Valentijn Schenk, Operational Director